About us

We provide a range of services supplying new and repairing faulty electronics, computer, TV and audio equipment.

These include:

  • Computer Systems – Desktop, Laptops, Components and Software Upgrades
  • TV – LED, LCD and Plasma Screens
  • Visual – Projectors and Screens
  • Audio Equipment – Hi-Fi, Surround Sound and Speakers
  • Mobile Devices – Mobile Phones, Tablets and Netbooks
  • Games Consoles – Controller Mods, Games and Accessories
  • Domestic Appliances – Fridges, Freezers, Cookers, Washing Machines, Dishwashers and minor appliances.

computers Thurso

We specialise in Car Audio Systems, supplying Head Units, Speakers, Subs and Amps. We can also install your car audio equipment if required. Vistravi Technology can offer you Waste Disposal for old and unused electronic items that you no longer need. Help stop electronic items being sent to landfill! Please contact us at our base in Thurso. We are more than happy to help.